Meat Shoot Rules

These rules are made for the fairness and safety of all participants of our shoots.

1. ALL GUNS must be CHECKED upon entering the clubhouse.

2. Guns CAN and WILL be checked at any time during the shoots.

3. No sleeved guns.

4. No back - bored guns.

5. Open sights only (sorry no scopes)

6. The club member checking the guns will decide if said gun is legal to use in our shoot. If gun is determined illegal it cannot be used and must be put in shooters vehicle.

7. All extra chokes not inserted in the gun must also be checked in, and illegal chokes must be put in shooters vehicle.

8. Shooters changing their chokes during the shoot must have their gun rechecked in.

9. Shooters must face across their target. ( No cross shooting.)

10. The range master will have final say on all matters pertaining to the range.

11. The range master will call shooters to the range in numerical order, it is the shooters responsibility to be present when called.

12. It is the SHOOTERS RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW WHICH TARGET TO SHOOT. If you shoot the wrong target you may forfeit the shoot. (Range masters discretion)

13. It is the shooters responsibility to make sure he/she receives the correct ammunition for their firearm.

14. The judge will announce the winner after every shoot.

15. The judges decision is FINAL and cannot be reversed.

16. Any target picked up off the judges table during or after being judge is considered a losing target and cannot be brought back to judge again.

17. All firearms will be placed on the gun racks, not the tables.

18. Any participants gun in a shoot may be used by another participant in the same shoot. Failure to comply can result in forfeiture of the shoot.

19. All shooters should be courteous to other shooters on the line. (Please keep noise, comments, distractions to a minimum.)

20. No drinking outside.

21. Sign-up sheets are a first come first serve policy. 

22. Please put trash in designated areas.

23. The American sportsman Club is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

24. Failure to conduct oneself in a safe manner may result in asking participant to leave the premises. 

25. All rules are subject to change under the agreement of the Board of Directors.