Bowling Pin Pistol Shoot

American Sportsman Club

Bowling Pin Shooting Rules

Goal: Bowling Pin Shooting was created to provide a fun environment where people can learn gun handling. Improve their marksmanship skills and learn how to better manage recoil in a cooperative environment with other shooters.

Required Equipment

  1. Entry fee: $5.00 per bracket 1⁄2 of the proceeds will go to ASC to improve ranges and 1⁄2 will be paid to bracket winner.
  2. Eye Protection: Prescription glasses or safety glasses. Eye protection must be worn 100% of the time during the competition not just while shooting.
  3. Hearing Protection: Ear plugs and/or ear muffs. Hearing protection must be worn 100% of the time during competition, not just while shooting.
  4. Holster or gun case: We require guns to be brought to the line unloaded and either holstered or in a gun case. We recommend traditional hip holsters. Cross- draw, small of the back, ankle holsters, and shoulder holsters are not permitted,as they make it very easy to “sweep” (point your gun at) others. Inside the pantsholsters are also discouraged, as they slow down the re-holstering process.
  5. Magazines and speed loaders: extra magazines or speed loaders are recommended. Please come to the firing line with your magazines and speed loaders loaded with correct number of ammo.
  6. Ammunition: Hotter than average ammunition will help push the bowling pinsoff the table. Hollow point ammo seems to be more effective than “ball” or FMJ please read and follow your reloading manual, and never exceed SAAMI pressure guidelines. Two six round Magazines or speed loaders will be used
  7. Guns: ASC allows the use of both center and rimfire pistol cartridges. Semi Auto, or revolver

Shooting Procedures

  1. Set Up. Begins at 11am if you can make it great, we always need help
  2. Attend shooters meeting at the beginning of the match. There will be a brief, shooters
    meeting at 11:45 am to review rules and answer any questions before the match.
  3. Sign up and pay. We have signup sheets and range officer will collect your entry fee.
  4. Load your magazines / speed loader Please load your magazines and speed loaders
    before its your turn to the line. This will ensure a smooth flow of shooting
  5. Range Officer Commands
    • “Make ready”. The RO is instructing, that you may remove your gun from its holster or case and load your gun. When your gun is loaded you should assume the low ready stance. You should have your gun pointed down at a 45 degree angle or touching the table (if available)
    • “Are you ready?” The Ro is asking you if you are ready to shoot. You do not need to answer that you are ready. Unless youanswer, “No” the RO will continue.
    • “Standby” The Ro is informing you that he is about to start the match.
    • “Buzzer” At the sound of the buzzer, the competitor may safely raise their gun and engage the targets. The winner is of the brace is the first person to clear all targets from the table
    • “Stop” Any RO may issue this command at any time during courseof fire. The competitor must immediately cease firing and wait for further instructions.
    • “IF you are finished, unload and show clear” The RO is instructing you to show your gun is unloaded. Please present your gun to the RO with muzzle pointed downrange, magazine removed, slide locked back or held open, and the chamber empty. Revolvers must be presented with the cylinder swung out and empty.

“If clear, hammer down and holster or bag it“ While continuing to point the gun safely downrange, the competitor must preform a final safety check as follow:

Pistols (including rimfire): Release the slide and pull the trigger, without touching the hammer, if any. The gun must dry fire or have a chamber flag inserted before competitor can leave the firing line.

Revolvers: Close the empty cylinder
If The gun proves clear, the competitor must then holster or case the


If gun does not prove to be clear The RO will resume the commandsfrom “ if you are finished, unload and show clear” and the competitorwill be disqualified for an accidental discharge.

6. Scoring. Participants compete head to head against another shooter as well as the clock.

  • 2 points for every pin on the ground
  • 1 point for every pin knocked over
  • 2 points for every shell unused
  • 5 points for the first person to clear all five pins from the table
  • In the event of a tie both shooters will be awarded 5 points
  • In the event neither shooter clears all five pins no winner points are awarded
  • Scoped guns can opt for a 5 point deduction or 1 extra pin shooters choice
  • Ties will be broken by a shoot off decided by RO


  • Safety disqualifications, Failure to follow ASC bowling pin shooting safety rules or general ASC rules can result in an immediate disqualification from the match.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the rules to improve safety and or the flow of the match. If you’ve got suggestions on how we could improve our match, please contact an, RO or board member.
  • Match schedule is subject to change, ASC reserves the right to change match schedule for weather and or scheduling conflicts.
  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be allowed or tolerated
  • ASC rights, ASC reserves the right to remove a shooter from the match
    for safety purposes. Furthermore any shooter removed for a safety violation, will not receive a refund.


American Sportsmans Club bowling pin procedures pdf (pdf)