Membership Pledge Structure

To join the American Sportsman Club you need to attend one of our monthly meetings.
Club meetings are 3rd. Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm (Exception - November Meeting is the 2nd Tuesday)
Initial membership/pledge year $75 and general renewal membership fee of $50 for the following, consecutive pledge years.
All applicants MUST attend at a minimum, one regular monthly meeting, and they will be voted in on the following month.

ASC Pledge Structure:

Current Membership Pledge Structure Effective January 1, 2016
Voted on and approved unanimously at the July regular monthly meeting held on July 21, 2015.

The American Sportsman Club Yearly Pledge Structure:
Effective January 1, 2016
New Member Initiation Fee - $75.00
***Subsequent Yearly Pledge $50.00
Yearly Pledge with Prior Year Work Hours Completed $25.00
Yearly Pledge for Retirees with 5 Consecutive Years ASC Membership $20.00

***If you are voted in to the ASC membership January through August of a pledge year, you ARE entitled to hunting privileges for remainder of that year. You WILL be required to pay a following year $50.00 pledge.
***If you are voted in to the ASC membership after the regular August meeting of a pledge year (September, October, November, December), you ARE NOT entitled to hunting privileges for that year, and you WILL NOT be required to pay a following year $50.00 pledge.

Yearly Pledges from Existing Members will only be accepted from January 1st of the pledge year up yo April 30th. of the pledge year.

If your yearly pledge is not paid during the time period: January 1st through April 30th. of the pledge year, Your Membership Will Be Terminated.
What this means: If you do not make your pledge during the 4 month January through April time period of the current pledge year, “you do not pay your dues”, no exceptions.- Your Membership Will Be Terminated.  If then, you would still wish to be an ASC member: Your only option is to Re-apply for New Membership, by Completing the “New Membership” process. Application, Waiver, pay the $75.00 Initiation Fee, and be Voted in at a Subsequent Regular Meeting, Just as any new member would be required to do.

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If you would like to download a *PDF copy of our membership & waiver applications that you can fill out and bring to the meeting please download from below.