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Rob Balizet and his son Jacob. Jacob bagged this nice doe Sunday at the club during last day of 2015 youth deer gun season. Congratulations Jacob!!
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Andy Masters scores with a muzzleloader on a Maine Bear Hunt this past September 2015. Nice job Andy!!
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2014 Turkey For Elaine Ramey

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Laurelyn Schmidt Turkey, Youth Season 2014
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Laurelyn Schmidt 2013 youth deer season

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Phil schandels Newfoundland moose shot in nov 2013
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Archie Morris spends all day at deer camp and gets nothing...... When he gets home he goes across the street from his house and bags this doe. Should have just stayed home Arch.
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220# Black Bear Sow, Taken By Wayne Kerekes, August 26th. At Turnpike Ridge Outfitters HCR 69, Box 558 Medway, Maine 04460 (207)-746-5860
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Congratulations Kayle on her 1st. deer. She is 12 years old and made an awesome 25 yard shot with her crossbow on this nice fat button buck.
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A Nice Buck For Andy Masters
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Two Deer In 20 Minutes For Archie Morris
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This is Brandon's first buck which he shot on the first day of youth hunting season 2013. Brandon loves his hunting and loves to attend the A S C meetings with me. This was a 35 yard shot. He will never forget this first buck and will almost certainly be a life long hunter. -- ASC member Harry Mille
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Good Looking Buck For Elaine Ramey
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Beautiful Turkey For Elaine Ramey
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Another Great Bird For Elaine
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Pheasants, For Jon Tack & Son
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Solid Buck For Tony Criss
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Turkey For Mr. & Mrs Mike Weiss
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Two More Turkeys For Mike Weiss
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Mike Gets More Turkeys Than We Can Count
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Nice Deer For Pio Novelli
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